Are you ready to get lean?  Join these women who are already seeing results with Lean Girls Fitness workouts!

Working out with Kim has already helped me to lose over 20 pounds! She makes the workouts fun and challenging but has ways to modify the exercise to fit the individual. She inspires me because I know she has been through a weight loss journey herself, and has lost the weight and maintained it for years without drastic lifestyle changes. She teaches you how small changes and making fitness an important part of your life can pay big dividends! She is so encouraging and positive and makes you believe in your ability to get fit and maintain that fitness for a happier, healthier you.


Kim is a wonderful and enthusiastic personal trainer. Her challenging, intense workout routines have pushed me beyond what I believed my body could do, and I feel stronger and more energetic after only a few sessions. Kim's upbeat attitude motivates me to keep going even during the most difficult moments when I'm sweaty, tired, and could easily give up if it weren't for her encouragement. For the past several years, I have wanted to lose excess weight, but I often got discouraged and let pessimism or laziness get in the way of my fitness goals. Working with Kim has strengthened my commitment to getting in shape, and thanks to her, I believe that I will actually lose the weight and become a healthier version of myself. I look forward to continuing with her as my personal trainer in the future.