Can't make it to my classes or afford private training?  Don't live in the Plano area? I still want to help you get in shape!  So I'm offering an online program - you'll have the workouts emailed to you, as well as receiving my weekly newsletter and other health and exercise information. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Contact me at or (214) 244-3599 to set up your online program!   


  • $29/month


Do you want a more personalized program to help you get lean?  If so, you can order my customized online program.  You'll receive 3 custom workouts a week and my weekly newsletter.  We'll also schedule a video check-in once a week so we can discuss your progress and any questions you have.  Contact me at or (214) 244-3599 to set up your personalized online program!


  • $59/month